How to Never Be Busy


This morning, my life is filled with rich activities.

There was a time when I would have said I was slammed. I would have been stressed to the max. I would have been fretting about how hard I had been working for the last month (and the last 30 years). I mentally and emotionally, would have already pulled back into my only day, this day, all the work I needed to get done next week and next month. On an energetic level, I would have effectively managed to cram 30 years (the past), a month (the future) and a day (today), all into this single, otherwise spectacular, day. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

It would have gotten even worse than that sorry picture. I would have been asking for more. I never used words like overwhelmed. Bring it on! I could always take on more. By the way, although I would have never stopped and admitted it then, I could also grind myself into the ground. All the while feeling highly successful. What utter bullshit!

I do more, and accomplish more, than ever before. I live in joy and can’t wait to get up in the morning. I am growing a beard because I resent the time it takes to shave! I put in as many hours as then, but I am not busy. I do not hold it that way. Please hear me on that. This is life changing stuff, and it is not word games. It is about how we choose to be and what we want our lives to be. How to Never be Busy!

I choose joy. I choose passion and excitement. I choose fun. I choose opening up and finding great possibilities. I choose making good decisions and solving would be problems without the angst of having them be problems in the first place. I am pretty sure I can do all of this from a place of peace, joy, and excitement. Geometrically opposed to coming from a place of stress and unrelenting slammedness.

This morning, with my life this day already filled, I was contemplating another little project that had showed up last night. In full disclosure, I had a good dose of, “well, that’s all I need” flowing through. But, I stopped that, contemplated, and God smiled on me. I know exactly what to do with that one, and I am excited about it. It’s a little two or three hour thing. Important. I will knock the ball out of the park. What a day! What a life!

Time and StressDon Scott