Inspired Action


From within alignment, comes inspired thought. From inspired thought comes right action and creation.

What do those words mean? Let’s start with the word “alignment”. The easy analogy would be paddling upstream versus with the current. We can apply this in the context of our career, our day, our relationships, or any other aspect of our life.

Have you ever felt like things are just falling into place? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, situations where everything is really hard? Like maneuvering through an obstacle course. In which scenario are you receiving inspired thought? In which place would you rather spend your time? Your life?

Way too many people are constantly paddling upstream. No pain, no gain. Everybody else is doing it. We find honor in excessive amounts of dirty hard work. We live with too much stress. It shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Turning your canoe downstream involves different decisions, actions, and activities. True enough. That is the “above the surface work”. Reflecting on the iceberg metaphor, the bigger opportunities lie beneath the surface. Those involve changing how we think. They’re about the beliefs we carry, and more. Shifting them around takes process and time, but it is the terrain of meaningful life change.

Right now, look for those places where you are paddling upstream. If you look, they are easy to see. Think about decisions you might choose. Consider how you can get out of your own way. Contemplate even small changes that will point you in the direction of the current.

I am guiding you towards a way of living that will be infinitely more peaceful and enjoyable. A much more powerful way to create even greater success in business, career, and life!

If a further dialogue would serve you, I encourage you to reach out to me.

Inspired ActionDon Scott