Business Sale Clarity - Case Study


Joe has created quite a lot of success. With a substantial balance sheet, a thriving business, and many years of dirty hard work, he was contemplating change in his future. The path to that change was not visible. He was just working every day, doing what he does. 

  • We began by getting clear on where we wanted to go. At least a better picture of what it might look like when he got there.

  • We outlined steps to continue to define his “second-half”.

  • We cleaned up beliefs and behaviors that stood squarely in the way. As importantly, obstacles to getting the most out of his second-half once he gets there.

  • We had created a timeline early on. However, as we considered the attractiveness of the current marketplace, that timeline accelerated.

  • There were business matters to address. The company had to be made ready.

  • The next several months were intense. All the work to get the company ready for sale, hire an investment banker, and go through the process.

  • Then came a number of potential buyers, several attractive offers, and selection of the ultimate buyer.

His second half is about to begin! I am honored to be his coach, and a part of creating this outcome. He went from “I think I want something more in my life”, to the sale of his company right now!