If anyone asks, what do you think about the work you’re doing with Don? I tell them it’s worth it 150%!  Not just on the personal side, slowing down, getting clear on where I want to go but we’re making some great strides on the business side to.  EJ

You are incredible! What a blessing! I haven't had a chance to properly respond to you until now but all I have to say to you is thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm ever so grateful for your love and energy and guidance! Thank you for being an amazing blessing in my life! I already feel the ripples of our conversation in my life!  SS

Thank you for everything today.  Every session is great, but somehow they keep getting even better. CG

I've very much enjoyed, strike that...our conversations have been transformational for me.  FM

Things are in great shape all around for the family and the businesses. Not sweating the small stuff and taking advantage of TIME in a more meaningful way.  FD

Don has been my coach, and friend, for the past year and I cannot recommend him or his work highly enough.  MS

He and I have been working on a number of items, most notably managing my stress; which has changed the outcome on closing deals, finishing software projects, improving my family relationships and managing cash flow; the later being the most stressful thing I have been dealing with over the past several years.  HR

I am so glad to have you by my side. I can tell you I would not be doing this if you were not here.  I would not know how to do it.  CD

I see now that God wanted me to see my own reaction to the "intention" statement you crystallized for me.  By tearing up when I heard it, I realized it is something my soul really wants to happen. BD

Up until our conversation, I had been dancing around this.  What an incredible step forward!  You changed my life; more specifically, you enriched my soul's experience in life by telling my soul it is okay to want this.  You are so incredibly talented.  NE

I am so grateful for you and your generosity of spirit. And I am so excited to work with the tools that you have generously shared with love. You are a light for me, thank you!  SS

I really want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.  I am so glad I hired you as my coach and I appreciate how dedicated you have been to my success.  MS

Client Testimonial Video - Josh Suter, Vukota Capital Management